DeptfordX festival 2018

Installation: Algorithm, Plants, Printed words & word cluster visualisations (centroidal voronai tesselations)

Attendees were asked to cut up printed pages and paste them onto the board with PVC glue


  1. An unconventional (for tech) algorithm design + visualization was sketched on whiteboard (@London Hackspace Hackney RIP!)
  2. The algorithm was developed
  3. It all took longer than expected
  4. The board for participants to mount their designs was prepared
  5. Plants and algorithm were installed around an old piano in the polytunnel
  6. The algorithm code (behind) is run on Wikipedia and the results (overlay) are output
  7. The exhibition is opened the following day
  8. The printer was working and all!
  9. People came, experienced the space with plants w/ words, took word/visualization printouts, cut them up and pasted them on the board (photos were taken by a participant photographer but never sent to me :/)
  10. The results were output on paper (crumpled artifact)
  11. Relooking at the project after a day of code development
  12. The garden was destroyed soon after but not without a lot of resistance from some wonderful, brave people